Woman who saved dog from drowning calls it ‘kinda’ animal sex

A Florida woman has called it “kinda” and “kind of” animal sex for a dog that she rescued from drowning.

Sandra Bae, who works for a veterinary clinic in Tampa, was cleaning out her dog, T.C., when she noticed he was floating in the pool of water.

She took him into her office to get a better look.

The next thing she knew, she heard a woman say, “I think I’ve found the culprit.”

T.C. was about 4 weeks old.

She immediately went to the veterinarian who said he didn’t have any medical history, but that she could get a diagnosis.

She went to see a vet and was told the dog had a congenital defect, a birth defect.

The veterinarian recommended that she take T.S. to a veterinary lab, where she was told she had T.R.H., an autosomal recessive genetic disorder that affects one in four dogs.

“He had to be removed from the litter and put down,” Bae told ABC News.

T.R.’s mother, Amy, who is also a veterinarian, was there when the woman found him.

She was distraught, but her tears fell to the floor as she said, “Thank you, thank you, Sandra.”

T,S., who is now a senior in high school, had a history of urinary tract infections.

She had to go to a hospital.

“She was really happy about it,” Bong said.

T.,S., Amy Bae and Sandra Bae.

(ABC News)Amy, who was not at the office at the time, said, T.,S.

and Amy were so happy to be together, they were crying.””

Amy told ABC affiliate WFLA, “She’s a really strong woman. “

Amy was just so supportive.”

Amy told ABC affiliate WFLA, “She’s a really strong woman.

She’s always had a lot of heart.”

Bae said she felt so relieved to have helped.

“It felt like a miracle,” she told WFLO.

“T.S., he was my little boy.”

“He was so big and strong, and he just needed someone to take him home, and I had to make sure that Amy had the best opportunity to take care of him.”

T., S., Amy and T.M. (CBS News)The dog was placed in foster care, where Amy found her.

Bae has fostered dozens of dogs, and said she was thrilled when the dog was adopted.

“I’ve never seen such a reaction,” she explained.

“I feel blessed.”

Amy said she has now met with the foster home to ensure the dog has a loving home.

“They were super supportive,” she added.

Amy said the rescue has been the most difficult she’s ever experienced.

“When we found him, he was a newborn,” she recalled.

“He was on his stomach, so I had no idea what was going on.”

Amy, a nurse, and T., S. and T-M.

are now in high-school, and are working on a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology.

They are planning to return to veterinary school in the future.