Why you can’t wear underwear for your anime body pillow

People are still going to be wearing underwear in anime bodiespans, which is fine.

But if you’re going to wear it in the anime bodypillow, don’t wear it for any other reason than it’s your body pillow.

And don’t try to cover up in anime, or anything, for that matter.

In a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, the author of an upcoming book on anime bodies, author and producer Yoko Kanno , asked what she could do to help the industry stay relevant.

The answer: Dress in anime.

Kanno’s answer to that question has been to dress in anime outfits that aren’t only anime outfits, but also anime body pillows.

Kannos most recent project was the anime film and television adaptation of an erotic manga titled “Aesthetics and Fashion in Japan,” which she wrote and directed.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters on March 6, 2018.

(Kannos previous film was “Goddess”, which also starred Miho Nagase and Rie Murakami.)

In the video below, Kanns character design, dressed in her typical anime outfits for the film, appears to be on display in the movie theater.

It’s clear that Kann is using her anime body to express her feelings.