Why is the NBA trending on Twitter?

The NBA is trending on social media after it announced that its Twitter account was hacked by a Chinese state-backed hacking group.

The hack was reported earlier this month by the New York Times, and it appeared to have targeted the Twitter account of the NBA’s chief marketing officer, Anthony Daniels, and the company’s website, according to the Times.

A report from Forbes cited the hack as the “biggest cyberattack on the league since it was founded in 1878.”

The Times report quoted the hackers as saying that they had infiltrated the accounts of NBA teams, players and fans.

They said the hack was perpetrated by a group called TeamChina and that it was intended to discredit the NBA.

The Times reported that the hack “threatened to disrupt the NBA as a global business and cause irreparable damage to its image and reputation.”

A spokeswoman for the NBA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for the Chinese government, which is responsible for the hacking, told The Hill that the Chinese hackers were “hacking for private gain,” according to Forbes.

The Chinese government said that it has “no involvement” in the hack and “did not hack the NBA.”

The NBA declined to comment to The Hill.

NBA players who have played in China are also in line to receive the full $100,000 that NBA teams receive each year from China.

The NBA has faced criticism from both sides of the political spectrum for the treatment of players in China.

Earlier this month, a video was released by a political activist, Chen Guangcheng, showing him slamming the NBA for its treatment of Chinese players.

“I don’t care if you think the NBA is corrupt or not,” Chen said in the video, according the Wall Street Journal.

“The NBA has failed in its duties and the Chinese people are suffering.”

The video was shared more than 10,000 times on social networks and led to criticism from some players.

Former NBA player, John Wall, said in a tweet that “basketball is a global game.

Its not the same in China as it is in the US.

Its time for a change.”

“You have a problem with the NBA, its not a problem that affects you or me,” former Boston Celtics guard, Isaiah Thomas, tweeted.

“Its a problem of corruption and injustice in a sport where its played to make a profit.”