Why is the Cherry Animal Crossing Animal Medical Center suffering?

A former pet owner is raising concerns about the care and safety of her six cats and dogs.

The owners have adopted a new policy of feeding only a small amount of food a day to keep their animals healthy and well fed, and they say it is being enforced by staff.

They’re also concerned about the health and well-being of the cats and their caretakers.

The new policy has prompted a major backlash from pet owners who say they’ve had to ask their staff to stop feeding their pets because it’s a violation of the state’s Animal Care and Control Act.

But animal rights activists are calling it a step in the right direction.

“If it’s not an isolated incident, then it is a serious problem,” said Susan Borenstein, executive director of the Animal Advocates Alliance, an animal advocacy group based in Washington, D.C.

“They are feeding them food to make them healthy, but if it is feeding them that kind of food and they’re not being monitored, they can end up with severe illness and death.”

The new protocol, which was introduced in October and takes effect March 1, allows the dogs and cats to eat their own food at home, but only a little bit of it each day.

The cats must also have a veterinary exam every other day.

Borenstein said that is one of the few places that they can eat their food and that there is no guarantee the food will be safe.

She said the new policy is not just cruel, it is also dangerous because it is not being followed by the staff.

“This is not the kind of care we need in a pet hospital, so we’re really disappointed in the care,” she said.

“The dogs need to be on their own and they need to have their own diet, but they need the vet’s help to keep them healthy.

We’re really worried about their health.”

Animal care staff are also told to be responsible about what they feed their cats and how much they feed them, and are expected to make sure they are feeding the cats at least three times a day.

“We want them to have a healthy and balanced diet,” Borensteins said.

“That means feeding them a little extra.”

The owners are also concerned that the new regulations could also put them in violation of a state law banning the use of dogs in medical facilities.

In addition to the new pet food policy, the cats are not allowed to roam freely around the hospital without a licensed dog handler.

And the owners say they are concerned about how their animals are treated.

“I think that they’re being treated like they’re criminals and I think that that is wrong,” said the owner of one cat, who asked that his name not be used.

The clinic was recently hit by a deadly outbreak of coronavirus.

Some staff members have been taken off their jobs and their health care staff has been ordered to quarantine.

The facility has since closed, but the staff has received letters telling them they will be allowed to return to work the next day.

They say they have already been told to return in one week.

A spokesperson for the Cherry Hill Animal Medical Care Center told CBS News that the policy is “still being tested” and that the hospital is “committed to maintaining the highest standards of care for the animals at our veterinary care facilities.”

They say staff are being trained on proper handling and feeding procedures and will continue to be monitored.