Why animal lovers are taking to the streets for a new ‘animal rights’ movement

More than 150 protesters have gathered outside the home of Donald Trump Jr., demanding his father’s impeachment.

The rally comes as President Trump faces mounting pressure to resign, as a growing number of Americans express outrage at his handling of the crisis in Puerto Rico and his response to Hurricane Maria.

The protest comes after a group of activists from animal rights groups staged a walkout last week, which drew attention to the deaths of several people in the Puerto Rico disaster.

They called for an end to the Trump administration’s response to the crisis, saying Trump has ignored pleas for help and ignored the pleas of those in Puerto Rican communities to move to the mainland.

“We are asking our President to resign,” one of the activists said at the rally on Tuesday.

“We are not satisfied with just calling for Trump to step down.

We are calling for a full and transparent investigation of what happened here.”

As the crowd chanted “stop the Trump,” the group chanted “Stop the Trump!” and a banner reading “Donald Trump is an animal.”

“The American people have no business listening to you.

We want you to resign your office,” the activist said.

The demonstrators are part of a growing movement in Puerto Ricans to protest the lack of progress made by the Trump Administration in the aftermath of the disaster, including an executive order to suspend all federal aid to the island.

The Puerto Rican leader of the group said he would continue to walkouts until Trump resigns.

The group, which has a presence in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, is calling for the release of all U.N. aid workers, as well as the establishment of a human rights commission.

The U.A.F., which represents some of Puerto Rico’s largest industries, said it would continue its actions until the President resigns or is impeached.