Why a redditor named ‘Anime Girl Drawing’ drew this giraffe

Animal crossing is one of those things that’s hard to comprehend for people.

A couple of years ago, the internet exploded with a massive animal crossing controversy, as a number of people started to post their own animal drawings online, as well as some even posting images of themselves in them.

Some of those animals were so ridiculous that it’s not really fair to compare them to real-life animals.

But this one drew a giraffe named “Anime Boy”, who looked exactly like the famous cartoon character “Little Mac” and was drawing his leg out in front of him.

And it was not a random drawing.

The giraffe had been born to a couple of stray dogs and had been neglected by his parents for about a year, and his mother, who has no special skills whatsoever, was constantly feeding him scraps.

He was also so overweight that his paws were so swollen that he was barely able to walk on his own, and he’d been suffering from malnutrition and malnutrition-related problems.

So when his parents started looking for an adoption, he was the only one who could meet their needs.

His name is “Anima Girl Drawing”, and he is a reddite who was attracted to a redditer named “Animazine” who posted a few drawings of her giraffe on a Reddit thread.

And so when an animal crossing forum was set up, it was all about drawing his giraffe, and they were not alone in their obsession.

“We had all the cute little things, and this was a giraffes butt,” one reddite wrote.

“And then he had his feet.”

He was, of course, mistaken for a real animal, but this was the start of a whole lot of memes, and some even started to spread like wildfire.

And that’s when a Redditor named “Aisha” posted the image.

In the post, she describes the drawing as “so adorable, it’s like seeing a beautiful picture of a girafar, it makes me so happy.”

It was only after this post that “A-girl-drawing” was able to get a name, and after that, it became a huge internet phenomenon.

In fact, “AnimAisha”‘s drawing has already become a meme, and “Ana-girl” became the new mascot for the animal crossing community.

Now, that’s a meme that’s going viral.

“AnimAsian” is a cute little girl, and her face is covered in tattoos, she’s very skinny and she’s holding her hair up in the air.

Her hair is always wet, and when she’s drawing, she has this big, fluffy, furry butt.

It’s like, “I can’t get enough of that,” she told CNN.

But now, people are also drawing animals from her drawings.

She said she drew her giraffa, a red-tailed hawk, a leopard and a horse.

“I have a few animals that I can’t even say that I know,” she said.

And when it comes to drawing animals, “Ai-Animasian” was kind enough to share some of her drawings with us.

Her giraffe was a redtail hawk, for example.

“It was cute and fluffy, and it’s got this big little tail,” she explained.

“When I was drawing her, I was like, ‘Wow, this is the most cute animal I’ve ever seen,'” she said, adding, “It’s just amazing.”

But the animal drawings are only one of the things “AnimAniAsian”‘s doing, and she said she’s working on an animal drawing series as well.

“This is my first year doing a book, but I’m planning to do a book and then a series,” she wrote on Reddit.

“As for when I will finish my series, I’m not sure yet.

But I will definitely finish it.”

And in fact, she said that she is working on a book full of her animal drawings.

“You can see some of my work in the videos,” she added.

“So I can draw from any part of the animal, and there will be pictures of it.”

But there are still some people who are not happy about her drawings and her drawing skills, and in fact some are even accusing her of plagiarism.

One of those people is reddite “Shazbaz” , who posted an image of the drawing to his own subreddit, AnimalCrossing.

“That was just a simple animal drawing I made,” he wrote.

“‘AnimaGirl Drawing’ was an original drawing I took of a redtailed hawk I got from the Reddit Animal Crossing thread,” he said.

“But the original drawing was not based on any animal, so it’s a fair bit of plagiarizing.

The redtail hawks tail is not the same shape as the one on her legs.” The redd