Which Animal Characters Are the Most Gay in Animal Kingdom?

In Animal Kingdom, gay characters abound, but there’s one that stands out: the giant lion.

Gay lions in Animal World are usually male lions, but this year’s female lion, Belle, was created specifically for the show, and she’s gay.

Belle is a part of a group of lions that roam around the Kingdom, and her male counterparts, Ursula and Pumbaa, have been featured in the past, but Belle has always been the most visible and prominent of the LGBT characters in the show.

While there’s not much information available about Belle, we know that she’s an adorable giraffe named Belle, and we’re pretty sure that her name means “giraffe.”

We also know that Belle is an all-around cool giraffe who can be seen walking around with her friends, and that she is the first gay character in the Animal Kingdom to ever get a full-fledged kiss.

Belle’s gender is also revealed in the episode, which features a scene in which Belle and her friends are going to an ice-skating rink, where she accidentally comes in contact with another giraffe, and the two of them start a romance.

Belle then ends up going to the Kingdom with Ursula, Pumbaaaa, and Belle.

But it’s not just Belle who’s getting a romantic kiss this season.

Ursula is also getting one with a very special guest.

She’s wearing a leotard, a long-sleeved, skimpy skirt, and a high-heeled, fur-covered leotards.

This is not your average giraffe.

Ursulina is one of the very few animals in the park to actually have been born gay, but she’s also a part-time human, and while she’s not explicitly revealed as gay, we can assume that she does.

When Ursula goes out with Belle, it’s with her boyfriend, and in the end, they have a lot of fun.

This episode, Belle has also been seen getting a lot more than just a quick kiss from her friend.

She gets to watch Ursula play volleyball with her, which means she’s learning a lot about her own sexuality.

And while Ursula’s not technically the only gay animal on the island, her sexual orientation is one that the rest of the animals on the planet don’t have to worry about.

It makes her feel like she’s really part of the group.

Belle has been a mainstay of the Animal World since the show first premiered in 2015, and for a long time, she was just another giraffes who had fun.

But this year, her sexuality has been revealed.

And Belle is now a part time human, a woman, and one of only a handful of gay animals on Earth.

It’s a rare and beautiful moment for Belle, but it’s also something that we hope will encourage more LGBT characters on the show to come out.

Belle and Ursula have a very big role to play in the upcoming season of Animal Kingdom.

They’ll play roles in the final episode, “The Lion King’s Big Day,” in which they face off against a group who’s trying to stop them from playing volleyball in the Kingdom.

As Belle, you’ll have to help Ursula find her way home to the mainland, and you’ll be tasked with finding a way to help Belle return home to her beloved family.

This will be the first time we’ve seen Belle, Ursulula, and Pumby in a romantic relationship, and as Belle and Pump have been part of so many LGBT stories, it will be interesting to see if they have any more to offer.

You can check out the full list of animal characters who are gay and lesbian in the new issue of New York’s New York magazine, available from the March 21 issue, below.

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