When an amiibos companion is in danger, she decides to do something about it

When a black cat with the nickname “Amiibo” was spotted outside a companion animal hospital in Japan, it seemed like an odd choice for a hospital visitor.

The cat, named Amiibo in English, is the companion of a black kitten named Amalie, who was suffering from severe pneumonia.

The kitten was taken to the hospital in the early hours of Sunday, but a few hours later the cat was dead.

Amiibo was just 14 days old when she was diagnosed with pneumonia and died on Tuesday.

According to the Animal Crossing amiibi website, Amiibopo was adopted from a foster family in Japan and became a member of the amiiba family.

She had become accustomed to being on her own, and her guardian was Amiibi.

Amalie’s guardian also lives in the United States, and the two adopted the cat from Japan.

The amiibeibo website said Amiiba’s death has been an “unfortunate and unfortunate event”, but it is not the first time that cats have been killed by strangers.

In 2013, an American man died after a black male cat named “Holly” jumped on his car and attacked him, knocking him unconscious.

The man, who did not have a criminal record, was a tourist in Japan at the time of the incident.