When a dog runs to catch a rabbit

A group of two pit bulls are in quarantine after a video went viral of them running to catch the rabbit in the middle of a busy intersection in Montreal.

The dog was taken into protective custody, and a Facebook post says the animal is now with a family in a Toronto suburb.

“Pit bulls are known for being aggressive and unpredictable,” the post reads.

“This was very surprising, to say the least.”

Montreal’s BQ says it is currently investigating whether the dog was hurt while running to capture the rabbit, and the BQ has issued a statement saying it has “strong protocols in place” to handle such incidents.

The post says that after the incident, the animal’s owner contacted the B.Q., which is investigating.

The video shows a dog, wearing a “pit bull mask,” running up to the rabbit and carrying it into a park.

The rabbit, which was in a cage, is seen falling to the ground as the dog approaches.

The two dogs then grab the rabbit from the cage, and as the rabbit starts to run, the dog runs behind it.

The dogs then turn around and catch it again.

The BQ said it is working with the animal owner to determine whether the incident could have been prevented.