This is how the Left makes fun of conservatives

A little over a week ago, Breitbart News published an article with a title that could have easily been written by a leftist who has long been obsessed with “Caitlyn Jenner.”

It is titled “The Left’s #CancelCaitLies” and was authored by Rachel Maddow, the liberal news show host.

But the title was not only misleading, it was offensive.

The article was an attempt to shame conservative politicians into not following the Left’s lead and not making fun of Caitlyn Jenner, as Maddow claimed.

It was meant to make liberals feel good and to shame conservatives into following the same “credibility gap” that the Left has had for years.

The fact that the article was published by a left-wing publication, in the era of Twitter, does not make it accurate or even “fair.”

And it does not prove that Maddow or anyone else on the Left is lying about Caitlyn.

The article was not published by the Left or by Maddow.

It is a hoax by a self-described liberal to make the left feel good about itself and its supposed “crisis.”

The article, however, was not written by anyone with a political agenda.

Instead, it is a blatant attempt to humiliate conservatives for not making jokes about Caitlin Jenner.

Maddow’s goal was to make conservatives feel guilty about not following in the footsteps of their leftist brethren.

And the way she did this was by trying to shame those who did not take Caitlyn’s joke as a joke.

Maddow’s article attempts to shame Republicans into taking Caitlyn and her comments seriously.

She attempts to make Republicans feel bad for not taking Caitlin’s joke seriously, and for not following Caitlyn in the same vein.

But liberals never seem to get the memo that if you are a Republican, you are not going to take Caitlin literally.

Instead, liberals have been using Caitlyn as an example of how they can be so funny, so funny that people are taking them seriously.

They have been making jokes like, “The left doesn’t know what they’re doing.”

And they have been playing along with Caitlyn, making jokes that liberals have deemed funny because they are being taken seriously.

The goal is to shame the conservative Republican, so that he will not take a joke seriously and be taken seriously by liberals.

In the process, liberals are trying to make sure the conservative is feeling guilty for not being taken as seriously as the rest of us.

The Left is not just laughing at conservatives.

It wants us to feel bad about being conservative.

Maddows article is a perfect example of the Left trying to humiliates conservatives.

The problem is, conservatives are laughing at us.

The joke is that Caitlyn was so serious that people took her seriously.

And Caitlyn has been taking it seriously for a while.

There is no doubt that many conservatives have taken Caitlyn seriously for months and months.

Conservatives have taken it seriously because they know they are not taking it too seriously.

So when Maddow decided to publish her article, she should have just posted a joke about Caitlan Jenner.

But Maddow published a joke that is simply not funny.

And it is offensive to conservatives because the joke is a joke, not a fact.

There are people who are laughing with Caitlin.

And there are people on the left who are joking with Caitlan.

And if you don’t laugh with Caitlans jokes, then you should not be laughing with the jokes made by conservatives.

This is why conservatives have been so frustrated with the Left.

It has been trying to bully them into not taking the joke seriously.

It had been trying for a long time to bully conservatives into not doing their job of taking Caitlins jokes seriously.

And now, Maddow and the rest are attempting to bully people into laughing with her joke.

They want conservatives to be so stupid and so childish that they do not take the joke as seriously.

Liberals have long mocked conservatives for being taken too seriously, for not listening to their jokes.

Liberals are laughing now because they think conservatives are stupid.

And conservatives are not stupid.

They are taking jokes seriously because liberals take jokes seriously, not because conservatives are taking their jokes seriously or because liberals are laughing.

But liberals, with the help of Maddows article, have made it seem like it is conservatives who are taking the jokes seriously and not conservatives who take jokes as seriously, which is not true.

Liberals did not make jokes about Trump.

They made jokes about how he had no business being president of the United States.

Conservatives did not laugh when Maddows was laughing.

Conservatives took the joke literally.

The liberal media has long mocked the conservative, mocking their humor and their seriousness.

And now Maddow is trying to take the humor and seriousness of conservatives seriously.

I am not defending Maddow for being funny, or for laughing with a joke she didn’t even write.

But she has made a mockery of conservatives who took jokes seriously who are not laughing anymore, because they were