Japan to unveil new hairstyles for 2020 Olympics

The Japanese government has unveiled a new look for its 2020 Olympic team and women’s teams to give them a more natural look, according to a report.

The announcement of the new hairstyle was made on Saturday, and comes as the IOC has announced its first list of the athletes and coaches that will compete in the Summer Olympics.

According to the report, the new look will be announced during the annual meeting of the National Olympic Committee (NOC), which will be held in February.

It is believed that the new hair styles will be designed by the country’s Olympic and Paralympic Committees.

The new look is a nod to Japan’s tradition of making its athletes look “normal” while playing the sport of judo.

Some of the other hairstyles included are a short haircut and a shaved head.

For the women, they will have to wear the same hairstyle as their male counterparts, and it will be more “normal looking” as well, the report added.

The women will have the option to choose from a variety of hairstyles, such as the classic, curly, bob cut, short-sleeved, and more, according the report.