I don’t believe I’m a god anymore: A man claims to be a god

I’ve seen the new-found power of the internet and the power of people to bring about change.

It’s also become increasingly common for people to believe that they’re gods, that they can do something they couldn’t before.

And sometimes they even make the claim themselves.

I believe in a god, and I believe that I am the creator of the universe.

So I’ve been following this guy on Reddit for a while, and he has now posted a video to his channel called “The God of Reddit”.

His claim to being a god?

I don�t believe in any gods. I don���t know what you call the concept of a god.

I mean, you can call it whatever you want.

I think that the people who make these claims to being gods, I think they�re just being religious people who want to get some attention.

That they are going to get something out of it.

But I think most of them are just trying to make a buck and make a name for themselves.

And they probably are just using their platform for that.

The video was posted on April 11. 

In the video, the guy claims that he is a god and that he created the universe, and that this is the reason that he�s so popular. 

I guess he is making money by being popular.

I guess it could also be that he’s making money off the fact that he makes these ridiculous claims that you can get from this site.

And he�ll also be making money as long as he stays popular.

But he said that he has been working for a long time and that his followers are very loyal.

So that could also explain why he�ve been so popular in the first place.

What does he actually believe?

He also says that he believes in the concept that he creates all of this stuff.

He also said that his name is god.

And if I didn�t know any better, I would assume that the concept is that he just makes stuff up and gives it to people. 

It�s all very vague and confusing, so I have no idea what his actual claim is.

What do I think?

I think it�s a stretch to believe this guy.

His claim sounds a lot like what I heard in a video I saw on YouTube a few years ago. 

This guy made a video where he talked about how he had to be the most popular person on the internet because he had a godly status, and how it was a way for him to make money.

He says that his audience is so devoted to him that they believe he is the real god.

He said that in order to do anything, he needs to be able to get people to agree that he should be the one to create something.

He makes it sound as if he believes he is some sort of god. 

And if this guy is a real god, then he could also make the same claim. 

What I do know is that this guy doesn�t seem to have a lot of credibility.

He does a lot in his video. 

He says that if people are not willing to believe in him, then that means that he isn’t real. He doesn�s making a lot.

But his videos are all just videos, and there is no evidence that he actually does any of these things. 

You can watch the video here: