How to keep the dogs at bay in the new Wildlands game

A new Wildland game is coming to PC.

We’re excited to share that it’s going to be a Wildlands sequel, and one of the first to support the new PC hardware.

Wildlands will be a new, open-world game with a “massive, expansive open world” and “multiplayer.”

It will be set in the mountains of Northern Kyrat, and the game will be built around three distinct areas: “the Highlands,” “the Westlands” and the “Djinn”.

The Wildlands is a massive, open world.

It will feature large open spaces to explore and explore the world around you.

There will be four playable characters, and each will have different skills, abilities, and gear.

The game will feature a large open world, but it’s also going to feature lots of dungeons and puzzles.

You’ll have to build your own party, and you’ll have access to a large inventory, which is a key part of Wildlands.

In addition to that, you’ll also be able to choose a “family” of characters to work with, and some of them will have a personal bond with you.

Wildland is also going be set on the island of Kyrat.

The island is where Kyrat is based, but the game is also set on another island, called the “Crescent Isle.”

There, there will be more than just a small town.

The game will also have “big, sprawling” locations to explore.

As mentioned above, the game won’t be the first of its kind.

Earlier this year, EA announced that it had acquired Wildlands developer Red Storm, and that it was planning to “continue the legacy of Wild Lands and continue to deliver quality content to our fans.”

Wildlands will launch on the PC on April 29, 2019.

We’ve reached out to EA for more information about Wildlands and will update this post with any new information we receive.

Wildlands looks like an interesting successor to Wildlands, and we look forward to it.