How to get an ugly animals anime base


Get the base image.

I got an image that I liked, but I wasn’t happy with the shading.

I’ve seen this in some other images, but it seemed like I’d have to go to the source to get the original source image.

So I used the “Source” tab to go through the list of images I wanted to use as the base for the base.

This image has been used to draw the base images for the original anime girls.

I think it’s pretty much a good base, but the shading and color palette didn’t really make me want to draw more.


Download and install the anime base image to the system.

When I downloaded this image, it was a PNG file, but you can download an EPS file as well.

The base image has a nice texture on the top and a rough texture on bottom.


Make the base using the base textures.

If you’ve downloaded the base from here, you can also download an EPS file and use it to make your own base image from the base texture.


Draw the base animation.

Here’s a video that shows me how to make the base and the base animations.


Repeat steps 3-5 to create the animation.

It takes a few hours to make a single episode, but for an episode with a lot of characters, it might take less than 10 minutes.


Create the base anime characters.

Each character is drawn using the same base image, but there are some differences in the shading between the characters.

This is because the shading in this base image is based on the shading used in the base animated episodes.


Create a base anime character.

After you’ve made the base, you’ll need to draw your own character, or create your own from scratch.


Make your own manga base image using the anime character base. 

The base anime base will draw characters from the anime, so you’ll want to create your base using an original anime character, and draw it using the shading that was used for the anime.


Repeat the same process for your manga base.

If you don’t have an original character, make a base that includes the characters from your anime.