How to Design an Animal Crossing Animal Crossing Design

article A design by artist Tomás Pérez has won the first ever Animal Crossing Artistic Award at the prestigious International Association for Contemporary Art (IAAC) awards, which are awarded annually for “an outstanding work of art”.

Tomás Párez won the award for “The Miserable Cat”, which he designed using a combination of the animal and the character from Animal Crossing.

Tomás’ art was inspired by the cat’s facial features, which he used to express the sadness that pervaded his design.

The design uses a series of stylised animal faces, one for each of the six Animal Crossing characters, to represent sadness.

Tomas said he wanted his work to be “a little bit like an animal”, and he used the cat as an example of this.

“It’s like the animal that you’d see in Animal Crossing,” he said.

“You know the character that the cat is from, the cat that you would see in the background of Animal Crossing, but the cat you can actually see.”

But I wanted to use that in a new way, that I wanted the cat to have sadness in his eyes.

“And I also wanted it to be in an emotional way.”

The design won a $20,000 prize and the IAC award for best design.

“I think I made it,” said Tomás.

“I think the cat was a very hard-working animal, so it was a pleasure to win the award.”

Tomás said he also used his design as inspiration for his own design.

He said the project was also inspired by his own personal experiences.

“My parents, who live in the city of Barcelona, live in a very small area, so they don’t really have the chance to see their cats,” he explained.

“So I wanted a cat to be very close to them, so I took inspiration from their cat and used it as a visual reference.”

When I had the cat design in mind, I really wanted to do something like that, that would be very beautiful.

“This is why I decided to draw it on the floor.

I wanted it very simple, and it’s not really a design, it’s more a memory.”

Tomas says he hopes his work will help other designers.

“Animals are not meant to be happy,” he added.

“They are meant to suffer, but also to be beautiful.

That’s why we want animals to feel sadness.”

If you make a design for a cat that’s sad, it will have an effect on you.