How to catch a cherry animal crossing

A woman caught a cherry-eating dog on video.

The video has been viewed more than 15 million times on YouTube.

The woman who posted the video told ABC Radio the dog had been in her yard for about five minutes when she spotted the cherry-catcher.

“She was just looking up and saw the cherry coming out of her yard, she just knew it was her dog,” Ms Mihai told the ABC.

“The cherry-biting dog was running right by me and she was just running towards me and I saw it.”

She told the television station she didn’t know the dog was an animal control officer.

“I was just in shock.

I had no idea that was a cherry cat.

I just thought it was a cat.”

Ms Michai said the dog wasn’t dangerous to people, but she had a “hard time believing” she had caught the animal.

“We’re not animals,” she said.

“They’re not a danger to people.”