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You might have been a fan of the anime series Pokemon, but you may also have been an anime character database user, or an eraser anime character.

The term “anime man” refers to an anime man who has access to anime character databases.

The term is an acronym for “anonymous internet user.”

In Japan, the anime industry is considered to be one of the most popular industries, and it is believed that anime is very popular among young people.

In addition, the popularity of anime has been linked to a rise in suicide attempts.

However, a new survey has found that anime fans are not as likely to take their own lives as those who don’t watch anime.

The poll was conducted by Nippon Research Institute and the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation, and asked respondents whether they have ever seen an anime.

According to the poll, the average age of anime watchers in Japan is 34.5 years, while anime watcher suicides are the highest in the world.

According the survey, a quarter of the Japanese people have seen an episode of a video game in the past year.

The survey also found that the anime community is divided over whether it is a good or bad thing to watch anime, with 45.5% of the respondents saying they do not want to watch the show.

The survey also showed that a quarter said they would like to see the show more often.