How ‘Furry’ Anime is Changing the World

The latest installment of the anime clothing trend that began in Japan’s rural villages is being embraced by some Japanese fashion brands.

The trend, which is based on the furry mascot Furby, has been embraced by a wide array of brands, from popular Japanese anime characters to clothing brands like Topshop, YSL and the likes.

The clothing trend has become so popular that a number of brands have taken to posting photos of their furry counterparts on their websites.

In Japan, there are about 2 million furries, and the country’s largest fashion brand, Shoei, has started to take part in the fur trade.

In a statement, the company said that it’s working with local clothing brands to bring the trend to the mainstream.

“Shoei wants to be a part of the global fur industry,” the statement read.

“We’re happy to be able to offer fur accessories and clothing products to our fans, and we hope this trend will become even more popular.”

In Japan in recent years, fashion companies have become more willing to embrace furries as customers.

Fashion magazine Hachima KikĊ, for example, recently ran a series called “Fur” that explores the cultural aspects of the furry fandom.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief said in a statement that the series is aimed at “the Japanese consumer who wants to find the perfect furfurry costume.”

“This trend is one of the more interesting trends in fashion in recent times, with many Japanese designers embracing this concept in their designs,” the magazine said.

“The concept of Fur is one that many Japanese companies have been working on, and now we’re able to present the product of this effort.”

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