How do you make a good anime wallpaper?

A few months ago, I posted a quick post asking how to make a cute anime wallpaper.

I thought it would be fun to share my tips and tricks with you guys, as well as share my favorite anime and manga images for the year so far.

I also wanted to share some tips on how to create some really nice and unique anime backgrounds, as I find them a lot easier to create than those that come in the form of standard wallpapers. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working on several of these designs over the years, and I think that I’ve got a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t work well with this theme.

Let’s get started!1.

Choose the right type of background (or theme)This can be really tricky for a lot of reasons, but I’ll give you some tips.

The best time to go back and look at your favorite anime images and decide if they’re appropriate for your style. 

For example, the main theme for Naruto and Bleach is a dark, brooding, and creepy anime image.

If you want a slightly more subdued and relaxing image, I’d suggest choosing the Naruto/Bashir theme, as it has more of a more light, airy feel. 

Similarly, if you want to go a little more serious and romantic, the Sakura/Naruto theme is perfect for you.

I recommend looking for a darker background for Sakura and Naruto, as these two are more often seen in anime as romantic, and they tend to get a lot more attention in manga. 

If you want your anime images to stand out, you can also use an anime poster, but these are usually a little too flashy and overly saturated, so I suggest you stick to something simple and simple. 


Choose a unique themeThis is definitely the most important part of the process.

The more unique and original your theme, the more unique your anime image will be.

There are a few different ways to do this, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend doing your research. 

You can always do a search on Google Images, but the best way to do it is to go to the main anime image pages and find the most unique and/or original images.

If the image you’re looking for is already there, just scroll through the images and pick the one that has the most captivating artwork. 

The most popular anime images right now are the ones that have some sort of interesting artwork, and you’ll find some of these images here as well.


Choose your color scheme (or color palette)Here are some tips for choosing a good color scheme for your anime wallpaper:1.

Don’t use all of the same colors for different anime backgrounds.

Some anime images look nice in one color, but they just don’t work in another.

If your theme is going to be more of an anime-centric one, then make sure that your image is really unique and unique isn’t too bland. 

Another thing to consider is that if you are using a very specific color palette for your artwork, you’ll be able to achieve a very distinct effect. 


Use the right colors for your imagesIf you are going to make your image more “dynamic” and dynamic, then try to avoid using the same colored background across your anime backgrounds or anime posters.

I’ve found that most of the anime images I’ve seen are created with white backgrounds and some dark, muted backgrounds, and that is what I tend to prefer.

For example: the Naruto & Bishamon (Naruto) and Sakura & Sakura (Sakura) themes have very bright white backgrounds, while the Naruto and Bishamons have a lot darker backgrounds. 


Keep the contrast in mindWhen it comes to creating your anime background, there are a couple things that you should be thinking about. 

First, what does the background look like in real life?

This is really important.

Second, what colors and/ or styles are best for this kind of image?

If you’re going to have a very dark background, make sure you’re using a dark color scheme to create your image, as dark backgrounds are often used for anime posters, posters for TV anime, and manga, respectively. 


Use as many different colors as you can (and preferably as many as you’re comfortable with)I find that the best color scheme is going a little dark for Naruto & Basho.

Naruto is always a lot brighter than Bishomon, so this will work for all three of the themes.

If that’s not enough for you, try using dark backgrounds for the designs for Naruto, Sakura, and Bishi, as they are the most prominent in the series. 


Use a contrasting color schemeFor some of the most popular themes, like Naruto & Sakura, I have used contrasting colors for the Naruto, Bishams, and Sakura designs. 

As an example, if your