How did the Desert Animals evolve from Desert Dogs?

From the start, we wanted to make an animal movie, and we wanted a character that was an animal.

We knew that desert animals evolved from dogs, and so we looked at how dogs were adapted to live in the desert, and how dogs adapted to survive in the heat of the desert.

And we started to think, “Well, maybe we should have a desert dog.”

We were also looking at the animal that the desert dogs are most closely related to: the desert tortoise.

And so, we looked to the desert turtle and the desert rock scorpion.

And the scorpion was a very successful candidate for the desert animal that we wanted.

So, we put that into the script.

It’s not that we were thinking, “Okay, we’re going to make this a dog.”

It’s just that we found something that worked for the story and it was compelling enough that we didn’t have to rewrite the entire script.

We had a rough draft in mind, and once we got it, we realized we could actually make it into a movie.

We did it the way that we want to do it, and it’s going to be really good.

And it’s a very exciting time to be making the movie, because we can now shoot in a desert in New Mexico.

There are no fences.

There is no security.

You can walk through the desert and shoot whatever you want, you can have your own little little sandbox.

And you can get up and go outside, and you can go play with your kids.

There’s no need for a security fence.

And if we’re lucky, we’ll find some really beautiful animals.

And a lot of them, it’s like, “What’s this?

Why is it here?”

But in a lot more ways, the desert is really an open space, and that’s where the story is.

The story of the animals is a story of evolution.

So it’s interesting, because it’s kind of like a story that’s unfolding over thousands of years.

It started out as a big dog, and now it’s this little creature that’s evolving into this big creature.

So when you see these animals evolve, they’re changing in all kinds of ways.

They’re changing their skin color.

They may be walking backwards.

They might be walking forwards.

So in a way, you see the evolution of these animals as an evolving story.

The evolution of the animal in the movie has a kind of an interesting, almost biblical theme to it.

So the whole idea was that when we were doing this, we were really trying to think about how did the story of this animal, this desert animal, come about?

What was the first animal that these people came across that gave them this idea that these animals were evolving, and what was the idea that they brought to this story?

And so it was really important to me to try and answer that question.

And what was really exciting was that we actually found some really interesting things about these animals that we could bring to life.

We could actually get to grips with these animals, and the movie is a really interesting story about them, because they are really not like any of the other animals that are out there.

They are really very different from the dogs that you find in the deserts.

And that’s just because they have very different adaptations to live on the desert floor.

So if you look at the story in a very biblical way, we found some animals that were very similar to what you find on the other continents.

We found animals that had very similar adaptations to the reptiles that are native to the Americas, and then the ones that were indigenous to Africa.

So we found that the animals that you see on the show, the animals we see on TV, have adapted very well to living in the sand.

And when you’re watching the film, it is really cool to see how the animals have adapted to the life that they’re in.

And I think that’s a really exciting thing, because the evolution that these characters are on the screen, is really the same evolution that is happening in the real world.

And people may not know this, but there’s a lot that we have in common.

We all have very similar genomes, and our species is a very common one.

And some of the traits that we’re all looking for in other animals is similar to each other, and these are the same traits that people look for in the animals in the movies that they see on television.

And our similarity is very, very real.

So I think the idea was to make a movie that is really about these fascinating animals, but that is also really about our common humanity, and is really a kind-of human movie, too.

I think people have a really deep connection to animals.

There were some really wonderful, beautiful animals in our movie.

And there are a lot, a lot and a lot to see in the future.