Emotional Support Animal Support (ESA) app for Android, iOS, and MacOS

Android, iPhone, and Windows devices: Emotional support animals (EMS) can be adopted as pets or companions.

In addition to being a part of a human’s family, emotional support animals can also be considered pets by their owners.

Many of the most popular emotional support animal (EMS), including the BFF (breed-specific genetic testing), can be used to find homes for companion pets.

A wide variety of pets can also help alleviate suffering and help the environment.

For instance, some dogs have the ability to smell for illnesses.

If a pet has the ability, it can help you determine if a disease is a threat to your pet or to the environment as a whole.

Emotional companion pets (EMS pets) are not just pets, they are also a part, if not the only, part, of a family.

Emotionally supported pets are often called “companions.”

When you adopt an animal, you are helping to care for that animal’s physical and emotional needs.

Your pet may not have to be a pet, but it will need to have a place to live and be loved by you.

To adopt a companion animal, go to a pet adoption center, adopt a new companion animal or simply ask your veterinarian to evaluate your pet.

You can learn more about adoption and adopt a pet through our Resources section.