Dyson V8 animal: An animated wallpaper

A new wallpaper by Dyson has been spotted online, which shows a Dyson v9 animal.

Dyson, which was acquired by Chinese company Dyson Technology in 2016, offers a range of products for both home and industrial applications, including electric vehicles and drones.

The company’s first V8 powered drone, Dyson Vivint, went on sale in 2017, and the company has since produced many other products.

Its latest product, a “magnified” version of the Dyson drone, was revealed in March.

It was first spotted by Mashable’s Twitter account, and is currently being viewed on the social networking site by more than 5,000 followers.

The wallpaper is currently in the hands of a number of Twitter users, and features a young Dyson kitten in a dapper blue and white striped suit.

Dylan V8 Animal – An animated wallpapers article