“Dog Rescue” launches new website: Dog owners are asked to share their dog photos with animal shelter

In a nod to animal rights advocates, a new website is raising awareness about animal cruelty in America and encouraging the public to take photos of their pets, animal welfare advocates said.

Dog Rescue is working with Animal Equality to bring the new site, Dogpaws, to the U.S. and Canada.

The nonprofit aims to increase awareness and help the public share photos with shelters, animal rescue groups and animal advocates, according to the group.

The website aims to promote dog ownership in a way that makes it easy for people to help others in need, said Emily Ritz, Dog Rescue’s director of communications.

She said the site will also provide information on dog adoption and help people connect with rescue groups.

Dogpaws is a joint effort between the Humane Society of the United States and Animal Equality, Ritz said.

The group, which has about 20 members across the country, is part of the Dogs for Life Coalition.

The goal of the new website, which was launched in June, is to reach out to people and help them share photos of dogs with other animal welfare organizations.

The new website will also allow people to donate money or adopt an animal from a shelter.

It will also show animal welfare statistics for dogs in shelters across the U, according.

Ritz said the website is different than the Dogpaw website that is run by animal rights groups.

The new website has more information about shelters and how to find shelters, which she said is a “great way to get the word out.”

The new site is in the process of expanding, she said, but it has already received some attention from dog owners.

People are reaching out to us and saying, ‘This is really helpful to me, but I just want to share my story,’ said Jennifer Smith, a member of the animal rights group Shelter 4 All.

The Dogs for Lifeline and Dogpawn, which are both run by Animal Equality and Shelter 4 America, are two organizations that offer help to animals, Smith said.

The site will provide a database of adoptable dogs that people can find online, Smith added.

People can find shelters and adopt an adoptable dog at shelters that have been approved by the U and Canadian governments, she added.

Smith said she and other members of Shelter 4 have received some negative feedback about the new Dogpawan website, but they’re not concerned about it.

The online version is designed to help people find shelters that they might not have known existed, Smith told The Huffington Post.

She also said the new dog rescue website will not be able to provide information about the animal shelters that are in the U., Canada or the U-S.

The Dogs for the Rescue website is an effort by Shelter 4 to “connect people and connect their lives together,” Smith said, adding that she and the other dog rescue organizations are looking for volunteers.

Smith, who is from California, said she is “happy” to hear the news that the new online Dogpwaws site will be available to people.

She believes that adoption of animals is “one of the biggest injustices in our country” and is hoping that Dogpawatts new website can help people share their dogs with rescue organizations.

The Dogpowaw website is designed for people who want to find a shelter and adopt a dog, Smith noted.

People should contact the rescue organization that is sponsoring the dog and ask for their dog’s name and address.

The dog must be a registered shelter animal.

Smith is one of about 15,000 animal shelter volunteers in the United State and Canada who can adopt a shelter animal, according the Humane SPCA.

Ruth Borenstein, the national director of the Humane Societies of the USA, told The Washington Post in June that dogs are the most abused animals on the planet.

She said the animal rescue movement is trying to do the right thing by helping animals and is a key partner to help animals get a second chance at life.

In addition to animal shelters, the Humane League of California, a coalition of nonprofit animal welfare groups, works with pet owners to help them adopt animals, Borensteyn said.

She added that animal shelters are a great place for people with pets to get their animals back.

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