Charlotte Anime Girls are ‘Champions’ for the Anime Arts

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As Charlotte anime fans watch the first anime film adaptation of their favorite characters, a special team of animators and animators have developed a style for Charlotte anime artists.

In an effort to get more Charlotte anime girls to create more anime art, a team of Charlotte anime illustrators and animator have been working on their own style, with a focus on characters from the Charlotte-based anime series Charlotte.

The Charlotte-bred anime style is a mix of traditional manga, anime, and western style animation.

One of the members of the team, Charlotte-born artist Lauren McGlade, says the goal is to create a style that can appeal to anime fans across the country.

“The key thing to us is that we want to be able to bring our anime style to an audience of all ages,” she said.

“We want to create something that can inspire people to draw their own anime characters.”

The Charlotte team began to think about Charlotte in the summer of 2014, when Charlotte was selected as the home of the first Charlotte Anime Festival in 2013.

McGlade has been a fan of the anime series since the late 1980s, when she was just a kid and attended a convention that brought anime to the Charlotte area.

She said the anime fans were very excited about the idea of working with Charlotte, and decided to bring her idea to life.

“When I saw the concept, I had to see it,” McGlades said.

Charlotte anime artist Lauren McNair, who also grew up in Charlotte, said the Charlotte team is excited to collaborate with other anime artists and animateurs.

“We all have similar interests, but we want more Charlotte and we want this to be a collaborative effort,” she added.

This collaboration with other artists and artists from the area is an important step toward bringing more Charlotte-area anime fans to enjoy anime, McGlading said.

“Charlotte is a fantastic city, and I think it’s really important for us to bring some of the great Charlotte artists that have been producing some really awesome works here to the fans here in the state of North Carolina.”

McGlades, who lives in Charlotte but also works in the art world, said Charlotte is a great setting for anime.

“It’s really exciting to see a place that has been such a hub for anime,” she explained.

Although McGlader has been drawn to Charlotte for her passion for anime and manga, she also said the art scene in Charlotte is growing.

At the same time, Mcglades said the project is not necessarily about Charlotte-bound anime fans.

“Our job is to bring people who are not Charlotte-bashing anime fans who are just looking for something that they love, something that appeals to them, to the anime world,” she continued.

“And I think that’s really cool.

I’m really excited to see how this project develops.”

The artist and the Charlotte anime team hope to have their first Charlotte-produced piece of work in the works before the end of the year.

For now, fans are being encouraged to get involved in the Charlotte project.

“What we want is to be the best thing for everyone,” Mcglade said.