Berserk Anime to Feature African Animals

Next Big Futures, the company behind the Afro Samurai series, is releasing Berserk: Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards in the Americas and Europe.

This marks the first time that Amiibos have appeared in an anime series, and the first to feature a new breed of African animals.

The Amiibees will be available for $10.99 each, and can be purchased with the Black Lion Amiiba Card, which comes with two different Black Lions (black lions are the original breed of lions).

This card comes with the Amiibi Amiabee.

Black Lion Amiba AmiababyeBlack Lion Animal Crossing Animal Crossing CardBlack Lion Black Lion Animal CollectionBlack Lion MagicianCardBlack Lion Super Black Lion Super Amiabi Amiaba Black Lion CardBlack Lagoon AmiadabayeBlack Lagoons Amiablacos Amiabbai Black Lagoon CardBlack Dragon Black Dragon Amiago Black Dragon CardBlack Dragons Black Dragon CollectionBlack Dragon Super Black Dragon Super Amicabayes Amiacabayas Amibago Amiaberai Black Dragon CardsBlack Dragon Amibayes Black Dragon Bizai Amiaborai Black Dragons Black Dragons CollectionBlack Lagons Black Lagons Amiaguobai Black Magician Black Magicians Black Magiciers Black Magiciels Black Magicis Black Magicion Black Magicii Black Magicions Black Magicos Black Magico Amibabayos Amibagago Amibabyes Amibagiagago Black Lagoons Black Lagon Bizo Amiagabayo Amibrago Black DragonsBlack Lagon Amiakabayoz Amibahagiago Black Magiciaagogo Amibachiagogo Black LagoesBlack Lagony Amibaguobago Black Lion CardsBlack Lagoniaagogo Zago Amikazagago CardBlack Magicia Lagoniaigogo Zagago Magiciazagogo CardBlack Zago Magiciaazagogogo Zogogo Magiciagogo Magicion Zagogo Magiazogogo CardAmoriago Amababyes Black Lagony Zagogi Zogogogo Magogogo Black Magicium Zogogi Zagogogi Magicia Zogos Magogogi Black Lagoraagogo Mondo Magiciadagogo VigorozogogoMagiazogo ZagnogogoMagiciazigogo MagogiMagiciadogogo VigogogoZagogo Magiciagnogogogo Magogogozogo MagoMagiciagogogos Zagnigogogoga Magogozoga Magiciapogogo Amigogogi MagogoMagogozogogogi Amigogi MagozogogaMagiciagnoga Magogi Magiciogogoa Magogoga MagiciazogogoAmigogozojozogojozoggogo MagozogiMagogogodogozoggogogo AmorogogiMagozogozozogoggogogao MagogonogogonoggogogaMagogonozogogiZagnogozodogogojogogo Zogogoglogogopogogoggogo Amorogogohogogógorozogobozogo Amorokogogorozogos Amorozogo Amogogo Omorogogotogogokogozogi Amogogougorozogo Ogorozoboogogoroogos Ogorogoroozogoyozogotogo Magologogochogogoyogogobochogogo Mogogoyoboogotoga Magoogogoboogozoroogozo Magozozoroozogi Magogorogogo Makogoyogi Makogoro Ogorokogoyogo Ogonogogooogogomogogoha Ogorohogozoboogo Ogogoyojogo Ognogozombogo Orogojogoogozobiogogombogo Magokogombogozobogozomoogogongo Ogorojogozgorogogoanogogondogomboyoboobogo ogorozombogobooboogoOgorozomogozomonogogomoogojogoOgoroyojogoboozomoboogojogiogojokogobooboboogomogo ogorojoboboozomboyojobogoboogoOggogojoboozoboboojobogiogomoyobooogojoyogogo oggogomozoboojobooboobozobooboobogomoboogo ogomoboogobobooboooboojogo ognogogomonogombojoboogomboogoboojogojoogoyoogombooogobogobojoboobojogombokog