Anime shirts, given anime, animal print

A series of Anime shirts and anime apparel featuring characters from the anime series “Bakemonogatari” and other anime, is set to hit stores on September 18, and is a partnership between the Japanese retail chain Kotobukiya and the Anime-related website Anime News Network.

The line is expected to be available for sale from September 6, while Kotobukai’s official website says it will begin selling the line on September 8.

The shirts, which are priced at ¥3,000 (US$25), will include the character design for the main heroine, Chihiro Kaname.

Kotobuko, the name of the company, will make the merchandise available at the Tokyo Toy Fair.

The first of these shirts will feature the character designer Yoshiki Arakawa, who is best known for designing the character Chiharu from the “Bakesuppy” anime series.

Kotomine has a long history of creating characters for anime, and has worked with several of the world’s best anime artists.

The brand is known for its collaborations with other Japanese companies, such as Bandai Namco and Funimation.

Arakawa is known as one of the most prolific artists in the industry, and his art is often featured in the popular manga series “K-On!” by Nisio Isin, who recently released a new manga titled “Kana to Kagami no Ko” (Beautiful Girl of the Night).

The company’s official logo is a stylized cross between the character designs for the three main characters in the anime: Chiharo, Kaname, and Risa.

The “Bakersuppy Anime Collection” will include two different “Bakura-den” (black) versions of each shirt, which will feature a character designer’s original art for each of the three characters.

The shirt’s price tag is ¥3.2 million (US $27,400), and the two black versions are set to ship on September 6.

A second “Baker-den version” of each Shirt will feature “Kakura’s” design, while a third “Baking-den edition” will feature an original artwork for each character.

Both shirts are scheduled to ship September 8 at a suggested retail price of ¥4,500.

The company will be selling the shirts exclusively through Kotobucks online store.

Kotobukiys official Twitter account announced the partnership on Monday, and it has since gone viral.

“As we look to expand our product portfolio and partner with Anime-based brands, we will be offering new designs in the coming months, and we hope that fans of Bakemonogatar will embrace them in their stores and online shop,” Kotobokys spokesperson Shiho Kamiya said.

“It is a great opportunity to expand the brand’s reach in an industry that is currently dominated by a single company.”

The company has also announced that it will be launching a new “Bacon” line, which includes two new shirts and three additional accessories, including an all-metal “Basket” bag, which is currently available for purchase.